A venture team makes a presentation to external reviewers who have different backgrounds. Reviewers rate the venture team GREEN, YELLOW, or RED using specified criteria.


A venture team rated GREEN enters the post-GREEN phase of the venture creation process and may ask for resources from the community (e.g., space, cash, coaching, etc.).


A venture team rated YELLOW or RED is invited to present again upto 5 times. Venture teams that are rated YELLOW or RED remain in the pre-GREEN phase of the venture creation process.


An Opportunity Review is a 30 minute review meeting with 3 to 5 reviewers who are drawn from the entrepreneurial community and academia. Within the 30 minute review, time is alotted for you to setup the presentation, introductions, deliver a 10 minutes presentation describing your opportunity and participate in a questions and answer session.  Most presenters have a prepared presentation which they project using the projectors provided. Remember to keep your presentation to 10 minutes!


Opportunity Reviews are scheduled twice monthly. To view the dates,  go to http://leadtowin.ca/event.  To participate in an Opportunity Review, you have to apply and submit an application.  To start the application process, click http://leadtowin.ca/article/participating-lead-win.

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