The Nicol Entrepreneurial Institute at Carleton University will offer $140,000 in funding each year, to support up to 18 student entrepreneurs.

  • The Nicol interns personify the talent, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit of Carleton’s extraordinary students,” said Carleton President Roseann O’Reilly Runte. “Mentored by our faculty, they have developed winning strategies for success, not only on campus but in business.

The $140,000 a year will be generated by interest on a $3.5-million endowment fund contributed by the Wes and Mary Nicol Foundation and Carleton University. Income generated by the endowment will support four to six Carleton students each academic term (12 to 18 students a year).

  • What distinguishes Carleton University from other Canadian universities is that we support students from all academic disciplines to launch and grow entrepreneurial companies.” said Dr. Tony Bailetti, director of the institute. “We have created a machine that produces student entrepreneurs who then create wealth for our region.”

Established in August, 2011, the Nicol Entrepreneurial Institute oversees paid internships that provide students with the skills and experience they need to launch and grow their own companies.Carleton undergraduate and graduate students from all faculties are able to apply for these internships. They will promote and instill the highest spirit of entrepreneurialism at the university.

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