• What kind of startups do you accept?

Lead To Win aims to assist businesses with high-growth potential, not all businesses. If your intent is to grow a business that can generate $1 million revenue in the next three years, Lead To Win is for you.

  • Is my company too early- or too late-stage to apply?

Lead To Win has been conceived to help early-stage, up-and-running, and later-stage startups grow their business.  Your startup has to be capable of generating $1 million revenue.

  • Can I apply if I’m not from Ottawa?

Yes. However, given Lead To Win's limited resources, you will need to arrange and fund your own accomodations and transportation.

  • What is an Opportunity Review?

At an Opportunity Review, a venture team makes a presentation to external reviewers who have different backgrounds. Reviewers rate the venture team GREEN, YELLOW, or RED using specified criteria.  If a GREEN is not achieved, you can present again up to 5 times.  For more details click here.

  • How many times can I present at an Opportunity Review?

A venture team rated YELLOW or RED is invited to present again up to 5 times.  We have found that most ventures achieve a GREEN in 3 to 5 presentations. Venture teams that are rated YELLOW or RED remain in the pre-GREEN phase of the venture creation process.

  • What does the Bootcamp provide?

Lead To Win provides training in the form of formal lectures and lecture notes.  In the bootcamp, over the 6 days, in general, you will learn about the following topics:

1. Bootstrapping your startup                                              7. Mapping sales funnel to cash flow
2. Validating your assertions to make money                      8. Patents and trademarks
3. Defining a customer value proposition                             9. Capital investment
4. Product differentiation                                                      10. Partnerships
5. Developing a sales funnel                                                11. Pricing and delivery
6. Creating a sales strategy and driving it                            12. Investors & what they look for


In addition upon presenting your opportunity to a team of successful entrepreneurs, you receive valuable, substantive feedback.

  • Do the participants need to be in the Bootcamp for the entire time?

Yes.  As lectures are all unique and build upon each other, full time attendance is mandatory.

  • Do my business partners have to attend the Bootcamp?

Although it is not absolutely required, we strongly recommend that all partners attend the bootcamp.

  • I’m not sure if I should apply.  Who can I talk to to see if Lead To Win is the right program for me?

You can contact us by emailing lead@leadtowin.ca.  Some one will be in touch with you.


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