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Howard Rosenblum
Howard Rosenblum

"At iLbMobile, we strive to break the barriers between the standard 'in the box' thinking currently available to the consumer and the possibilities of 'if only we had an app to do that' mentality. "

We provide our customers with COTS software that can be "stand alone" (downloadable) or web-based cloud storage. Both solutions provide data retrieval, easily analyzable information, and show patterns/trends that enable company decisions based on the value add proposition.

Our solutions fit your needs. If you are looking for cost reduction analysis, the iLbMobile customizable software is the right choice. Whether you want to reduce costs, increase revenue share, create a loyal consumer base or increase sales, you will look to iLbMobile with apps that can be used on any Smartphone or tablet, in the BYOD (bring your own device) model.

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